The unmistakeable Vespa style combining tradition and innovation

The model of Vespa we use for our tours is the descendent of the legendary 1968 Vespa Primavera, featuring a completely revamped design and automatic transmission. Production on the model began in 2013, with our vehicles being made in 2017.

  • Model: Vespa Primavera
  • Engine size: 125
  • Year of production: 2017

Vespa Px

The allure of Italy’s best-loved Vespa

The Vespa PX is Piaggio’s most successful model. Launched in 1977, the model has barely changed over the years, with the original design still used. You’ll only be able to hop aboard a PX if you opt to book a driver and no more automatic Vespa Primaveras are available.

  • Model: Vespa PX 125 E
  • Engine size: 125
  • Year of production: 1981-1982

Ape Calessino

The comfortable and quirky three-wheel evolution of the Vespa

The Calessino was born in 1948, one of the many guises of the Ape, a three-wheel version of the Vespa. The name “Calessino” derives from the design of the first model, which combined a sort of sofa on two wheels with the body of a regular Vespa, with everything contained in a sheet-metal shell and covered with a semi-circular folding awning – the result was reminiscent of a horse-drawn caleche, or “calesse” in Italian. We use the six-person 1978 Ape Calessino P601 model.

  • Model: : Ape Calessino P601
  • Engine size: 187
  • Year of production: 1978

Our Tour

Experience the real Naples with our innovative format

Hop on an Ape Calessino or drive your Vespa around the streets of the centre and experience breath-taking views that would otherwise be impossible to find. Discover the stories, history, legends and folklore of a city that is sure to steal your heart thanks to our handy audio guide and the pleasant company of a city trainer.

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